All the President’s Men – Thank You’s


 Collated by David Lopes


  •  To the organising committee:  Cameron Kinnear, Don Ruffels, Steve Johns and Louis Rauch (who came up with the name “All the President’s Men”.   Without the work done by Cameron and Don this function would not have seen the light of day.


  • To those that worked behind the scenes:


Mike Wilson for the design of the table mats, video presentation and for sponsoring a couple,


Jackie Sedan for the scanning and printing, name tallies and assisting with the admin this evening,


Stan Slogrove for the donation of the wine,


WO1 David Harrison (Mess Press HUB) for the pictures and   video.


Printing Press for the printing of the placemats and SAS  SALDANHA for the laminating.


    Andrew Austin for the design of the 10FS T Shirts.


  Buddy Bacon for the display of his model ships.


  • Those that travelled from afar:


Mike Denny – Brakpan

Capt Thompson – Pretoria

Jody Joubert – Saldanha

Leon Malan – Gauteng

Laurie Rother – Saldanha

Stan Slogrove  – Calitzdorp


  • To all those that couldn’t be here this evening due to personnel circumstances and that sent messages of goodwill.


  • Adm Chris Bennett for the address this evening and the Master of ceremonies, Capt Robert Harm.


  • Finally a thank you to Hugo Biermann for use of their facilities, Submarine Training School (WO1 David Fobian) for use of the simulator and the caterers (PO October) for the dinner this evening.