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SAS Pietermaritzburg entering the Knysna Heads in 1953

It has been brought to the attention of the Society and the Civic Association that a salvage company has been cutting and recovering steel from the wreck of the SAS Pietermaritzburg.


This ship was scuttled off Miller’s Point to act as an artificial reef. Apart from serving the South African Navy for many years the Pietermaritzburg, originally named HMS Pelorus, led the D-Day Invasion fleet on the 6th June 1944.

Many feel that in the light of this ship’s history it should be left as is.



The ship has a special place in history as it saw duty as a convoy escort in the North Atlantic, was the leading ship in the D-Day invasion of Europe and was also one of three Allied ships to first enter Singapore harbour at the end of the Pacific war. After the war she served proudly under the flag of the South African Navy.

The Ship was laid to rest with naval honours at a ceremony held at Millers Point on 12th November 1994. She forms an artificial reef off Miller’s Point and by all accounts has attracted a variety of sea life and is now a favourite diving spot for recreational divers.

As a result of this history many people are in favour of the wreck being protected.

In order for a provisional protection order to be placed on the wreck it requires a meeting to be held at which the public must express their desire in this respect, a meeting will therefore be held at the Simon’s Town Museum and to which all interested parties are invited to attend.


Venue: Simon’s Town Museum
Date: Monday 30th July 2012
Time: 17h30

Eric Mawhinney
Simon’s Town Historical Society


Protection Order Granted!

PMB Meeting Feedback

Protection Order Granted – Period

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